Please help out by reading and testing, when the time comes. Get relatives, friends, and neighbors to read, too! Help the schools reach all three goals and win the Reading Cup.
The Tift County Foundation has access to every AR test, thanks to Renaissance Learning Center and the Tift County Public School system.

Contact Information
Mike Brumby, Email:
Phone: 229-382-7515 or
Moppy Brumby, Email:



The testing center is at the United Way (Betty Roach) Building, 211 W. 4th Street, behind the Post Office.


Testing for 2016 begins on June 7 and ends July 14. Testing will be done on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Books with AR designation can be checked out from the Tift County Public Library or the Coastal Plain Regional Library. Tests can then be taken at the Reading Center.
Books are not available at the testing site.

What Book Are You Reading?

Check out books with AR designation from the Tift County Public Library or Coastal Plain Regional Library. When you are finished with a book, visit the Reading Center to take the test.

Books will not be available at the testing site.


Summer AR Testing 2016 Information

Please follow the testing procedures listed below.

  1. Take only 5 consecutive tests if others are waiting.
  2. Go outside to talk; testers need quiet in order to concentrate.
  3. Read at home or the library; there is room for testing only at the center on 4th Street. (Parking is also limited.)
  4. Parents, do not stand behind your children while they test.
  5. Do not give hints or answers to the questions to children.
  6. Allow children to do tests independently; voiced tests are available for those who need it.
  7. Be patient with workers entering data into the computer; it can take a few minutes and we go as fast as we can.
  8. To find out if a quiz is available for a book go to Renaissance Learning quiz store; type in title or author to check. Visit AR BookFinder™ to look up books, get reading level and number of AR points
  9. Remember there is no AR store this summer. Points will earn money to help your child's school.
  10. Remember to let each child read just right books - not too easy - not too hard.
  11. Remember that reading and testing are fun.
  12. Respect the facilities and keep everything nice - parents please make sure your child leaves the bathrooms clean.
  13. Be patient as we update the charts.
  14. Contact Mr. Brumby at 382-7515 if you have any questions or concerns.


Plant Telecommunications

for providing internet service at the Reading Center!


Tift County Foundation for Educational Excellence


Tift County Board of Education

for making this opportunity possible!